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Innovation Academy continues its journey and presents our next guest Lina Žemaitytė Kirkman. Lina is the head of ROCKIT, home of Fintech and sustainable innovation. She is also a digital well-being expert, educating on the way technology impacts humans and how to thrive in the digital age.

Lina will share with our audience digital well-being what is. How to create a healthy environment in the virtual workplace? What are the biggest challenges in creating such an environment? How to create healthy digital culture? What could be the main steps in this journey? These and many more insights you will hear from Lina in this podcast episode.

YES, YOU CAN! A podcast 🎙 for discussions about innovation. We'll talk in this podcast about successes and failures, projects and their phases, inspirations, and methodologies. This show is produced by the Innovation Academy and its guests, bringing a unique perspective on how everyone can innovate here and now.

Happy listening.

We recorded this podcast in the last days of summer. I hope this winter's day from the podcast will feel summer warm.

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