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Updated: Dec 12, 2022

Innovation Academy's first podcast in English. Let me introduce a dream come true guest, incubator founder, serial entrepreneur, insightful coach, and innovation expert, Rui Gouveia.

Rui will share, with our audience, his insights about Portugal's startup ecosystem, how corporates could build their startups efficiently, and share his experience on how they created the Build Up Labs - startup studio & incubator ecosystem.

I am super happy that I had a chance to spend time at Build Up Labs and experience how this ecosystem works from the inside.

YES, YOU CAN! A podcast 🎙 for discussions about innovation. We'll talk in this podcast about successes and failures, projects and their phases, inspirations, and methodologies. This show is produced by the Innovation Academy and its guests, bringing a unique perspective on how everyone can innovate here and now.

Happy listening.

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